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Services and Practice Area

With more than 400 IP experts practice with our firm, CN-KnowHow provides the full spectrum of services in Intellectual Property Law in Greater China, encompassing prosecution, litigation, consultation and enforcement of intellectual property.

Domestic Prosecution

  • Patent Prosecution
  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Plant Variety Right Application
  • Custom Recordal

This service involves the preparation and filing of applications, representation during examination, and support throughout the prosecution process. With the help of experienced IP professionals, clients can navigate the complex legal requirements and secure the necessary IP rights to protect their inventions and brands. Invest in domestic application prosecution service for a successful and streamlined IP protection experience. CN-KnowHow has been ranked the top in terms of application volume in Beijing for domestic clients. The clientele base includes Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, emerging industries and non-profit organizations. PVR Application is also one of the highlighted services, covering over half of the PVR application across the country.

International Prosecution